Home or on-site deliveries anywhere in Belgium and northern France with the Gobert Group’s fleet of trucks.

  • Small and large quantities.
  • Slabs laid by us.

If a truck has to enter an alleyway, every detail is important: size of the street, alley perpendicular to the road, room to manoeuvre etc. 
Deliveries can be made over fences, upstairs or behind houses but it is advisable to specify the delivery conditions when placing an order.

Our trucks are equipped with Bancontact for payments.

To ensure we arrive at your site under the best conditions, please make sure there is enough space for our trucks:
Height: All our trucks are 3.5 metres high.
Width: At least 3 metres are required for our trucks to enter.

Small trucks 
Length: 8 metres
Transport capacity for 8 big bags or pallets/15 t bulk

Medium trucks 
Length: 9.5 metres
Transport capacity for 10 big bags/about 10 to 13 pallets depending on size

Truck trailers 
Length: 18 metres
Transport capacity for about 18 pallets depending on size
Tank installation and slab laying on-site

Crane trucks 
Length: 17 metres
Transport capacity for 18 to 24 pallets depending on size

We also have a silo placing unit truck.